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Objects in Space 11/10: The road to Hela

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Mar 26, 2021, 5:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Fridays are normally exciting for the sole fact that they signal a brief respite is ahead, but for those of us who are preparing for a big move (i.e. me), there’s no rest for the wicked -- at least not yet.

These are some great reads I’ve been enjoying lately -- links that make you think, if you will:

- Stranger Things 2 is nostalgic for a time before nerds were toxic. (BuzzFeed)
- On Thor: Ragnarok, and how Hela unintentionally became Marvel’s first queer icon. (io9)
- Stranger Things 2 keeps its strong female characters apart from one another, and that’s a shame. (The A/V Club)
- The new Star Wars trilogy needs to be set in the distant past or future. (Nerdist)

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