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Objects in Space 11/16/18: Interwoven witchcraft

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Nov 16, 2018, 9:00 PM EST

Speaking as a person who's been traveling for the better part of the week, I can confidently say this next phrase: TGIF. Of course, my travel isn't over by a long shot, and I'll still be traveling into the weekend in advance of the U.S.'s Turkey Day, but there's something more calming about knowing that sleep awaits.

- How the costumes in Widows mirror each woman’s journey. (Glamour)
- Samantha Robinson on Netflix’s CAM, The Love Witch, and social media. (VODzilla)
- How The Good Place finally went full Lost, and why that’s a good thing. (Polygon)
- The occult is having a moment in movies and TV. Maybe these witches are onto something. (Esquire)

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