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Objects in Space 1/20/19: We live inside a dream

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Jan 20, 2019, 6:02 PM EST

It's not often that one gets so distracted by everything happening that one sort of forgets to go back to their link round-up, but on top of all that, a power outage?! Now that I won't stand for. So if you're wondering why today's Objects in Space is a little later than the normal weekend time, blame my flickering power and unreliable internet. But I'm here, I have not forsaken you, and I come bearing links!

- In honor of David Lynch’s birthday today, how the maligned Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is better and more important than you know. (Wired)
- 2018 proved Black kids read (and white kids read books with Black leads). (The Huffington Post)
- The Latinx community is overlooked by Hollywood. Does a slew of new movies herald a change? (Elle)
- It’s time to recognize M. Night Shyamalan for the genius he is. (National Post)

You can send us suggestions for stuff to include in future round-ups at any time, either in the comments below or via our Twitter feed at @Syfyfangrrls.

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