Objects in Space 12/27/18: No family is perfect

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Dec 27, 2018, 9:00 PM EST

All right, friends, we're in the final stretch of this week already! Can you believe it? I'm not entirely prepared to be facing a weekend so soon after a holiday, but you know what? I'll take it. After this trash fire of a year, there are some things that are important to retain. Like sanity. And a lot of sleep.

- Why not romance novels? Showing respect for the romance genre. (BookRiot)
- How to save the theater-going experience. (Slashfilm)
- Why Nicole Kidman playing “ugly” in Destroyer means she just looks like one of us. (NBC News)
- How The Addams Family and Bewitched paved the way for Santa Clarita Diet. (IGN)

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