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Objects in Space 12/3/18: We are brave, Your Highness

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Dec 3, 2018

Is there any media property (whether TV show, book, or movie) that you feel like you show up especially late to after everyone else has already moved on from it? That's me with Netflix's The Punisher (I know, I know, but based on the way the streaming service has been soundly severing their ties with Marvel lately I feel like I should be paying the shows I haven't actually started and/or finished their due. The upside? It's actually very bingeable (and Jon Bernthal's face ain't bad to look at, either, even when it's all banged up).

- The royal handmaidens of Naboo present a fascinating opportunity for a new Star Wars TV series. (Slashfilm)
- The legend of Bluebeard at the movies. (TIFF)
- Why Tumblr banning adult content is a serious problem. (Nerdist)
- This iconic screenwriting team should be household names by now. (BuzzFeed)

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