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Objects in Space 12/4/18: I'm going to end it

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Dec 4, 2018, 9:01 PM EST

It might be only Tuesday, but it's been a Very Busy Day here on SYFY FANGRRLS.

Not only did we release a brand-new episode of our Strong Female Characters podcast (with special guests from the Women of Marvel podcast!), but we're also debuting our first ever FANGRRLS Genrebread Contest! Ever wanted to make your own gingerbread version of the TARDIS? Or maybe you're all about recreating that sewer scene from IT, complete with red lollipop balloon. If it's genre, it counts — and there's a prize in it for the winner, too!

- Why now is the perfect time for Captain Marvel’s debut in the MCU. (IGN
- What is the greatest year in horror of all time? (Vulture)
- How Brie Larson channels Captain Marvel even when the cameras are off. (Marie Claire)
- You’ve Got Mail made the internet seem nice. (BuzzFeed)

You can send us suggestions for stuff to include in future round-ups at any time, either in the comments below or via our Twitter feed at @Syfyfangrrls.

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