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Objects in Space 1/3/18: Just be careful

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Dec 17, 2018, 7:00 PM EST (Updated)

We're barely into 2018, but each day it feels like there's another anniversary to celebrate. Yesterday was National Science Fiction Day, and today is the 25th anniversary of what is my actual favorite Trek show of all time, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

These are the stories of the links I found today. (Okay, I know that's a mangling of a TNG line, sue me.)

- Everyone mad about Rey’s parents in The Last Jedi is missing the point. (Pajiba)
- In 2018, let’s stop dismissing abusive fan culture as “passionate.” (The Verge)
- I, Tonya and other recent biopics have changed the way we consume stories about women. (Vice)
- On its 25th anniversary, the cast and creators of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine reflect. (Variety)

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