Objects in Space 1/4/18: I want to believe

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Jan 5, 2018, 1:58 PM EST (Updated)

So. The X-Files premiered last night and I am ... still not entirely sure how I feel about the show's return to form, but for the most part I will let Mad Men's Pete Campbell sum things up for me: "not great, Bob!"

Disappointing X-Files aside, these are the links I've rounded up today:

- From Tomb Raider to Mulan, how will women in film fare in 2018? (The Independent)
- Scully just can’t catch a break on The X-Files. (The Daily Beast)
- In Season 11, The X-Files is slowly moving closer to Black Mirror. (The Verge)
- Here’s a list of every SFF novel you need to read from now until June. (Shondaland)

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