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Objects in Space 2/26/18: The arm that found Earth

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Feb 26, 2018

It's Monday, and I'm going to list off, in order, the things that I've watched over the past 24 hours that have given me joy.

First: this video of a band called BlacRabbit doing a near pitch-perfect cover of the Beatles in the NYC subway (tell me they don't sound like Lennon/McCarthy, seriously). Second: this documentary on the romance industry called Love Between the Covers, which I'm watching in preparation for a really fun thing we're going to be doing on SYFY Fangrrls soon. Third: The Cloverfield Paradox, which may have premiered to mixed ratings after the Super Bowl this year - but you can chalk me up as being from the version of Earth that actually liked the movie.

These are the links I found myself reading today; check them out!

- 13 sci-fi movies you need to watch after you’ve seen Annihilation. (Nerdist)
- How Black Panther asks us to consider who we are to each other. (Longreads)
- The whitewashing was accidental, but Annihilation shouldn’t get a pass for inclusivity. (Marie Claire)
- Who makes our myths? On the unbearable whiteness of Star Wars. (Tosche Station)

You can send us suggestions for stuff to include in future round-ups at any time, either in the comments below or via our Twitter feed at @Syfyfangrrls.

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