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Objects in Space 4/15/19: I'm waiting for an old friend

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Apr 15, 2019

I'm sorry, did you expect that tonight's round-up WASN'T going to be entirely consisting of links dedicated to last night's Game of Thrones premiere? Like Bran Stark waiting an entire episode to finally confront his long-lost "friend," I have been waiting for this moment since, well, yesterday. There won't be any spoilers in this entry, but there may be spoilers in the links below. You have been warned.

- Theon Greyjoy is the Game of Thrones version of Pete Campbell from Mad Men. (Polygon)
- The Game of Thrones premiere finally acknowledges Sansa’s quiet brilliance. (Variety)
- The epic confrontation Game of Thrones just set up for Arya. (The New York Post)
- Game of Thrones asks who has the best claim to rule Westeros. (Fandom)

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