Objects in Space 4/20/18: Celebrate good times

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Apr 20, 2018

It's Friday, and it's also April 20 (or, as those who like to enjoy a little recreational or medicinal herb like to say, 4/20).

We celebrated today with some silliness at FANGRRLS, including our posts on the surprising strains named after some of the best-known geek characters, as well as the characters we'd like to get high with. It's all in good fun, my friends.

- Talking feminism with a Medieval Times queen! (NY Mag
- Atlanta has become a terrifying house of horrors this season. (Collider)
- Into the Badlands’ Daniel Wu writes about having a career in China before Hollywood would cast him as a lead. (The Wrap)
- By refusing to Bury Its Gays, Wynonna Earp changes the TV game. (Advocate)

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