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Objects in Space 4/22/19: A knight of the Seven Kingdoms

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Apr 22, 2019

Current mood: still REELING over last night's Game of Thrones episode. I know next week is going to break me altogether, but for one single night, it was easy to believe that all of our faves would be safe and OK until the big battle comes. This show has already proven time and time again that everyone has an expiration date.

What are your predictions for who lives and who dies next week?

- Why Jaime knighting Brienne on Game of Thrones was so satisfying. (Thrillist)
- Captain Marvel and what should be undeniable queerness. (Rebekah Camp Films)
- Will Daenerys Targaryen become the Night Queen on Game of Thrones? (Nerdist)
- Why Jaime and Brienne’s relationship on Game of Thrones is THE BEST. (Vanity Fair)

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