Objects in Space 4/5/18: Happy First Contact Day

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Apr 5, 2018, 9:01 PM EDT

In the future, 45 years from now, on April 5, 2063, Vulcans will land in Bozeman, Montana, after recognizing the signature of the Phoenix piloted by Zefram Cochrane, who effectively invents the warp drive—effectively meaning that today is the anniversary of what will eventually be First Contact (at least, according to Star Trek). Am I the only one who tears up watching that scene?

- How 50 female characters were described in their screenplays. (Vulture)
- The story of one fan’s desire to experience first contact with Star Trek: DS9’s Avery Brooks. (Shondaland)
- SYFY interviewee Evan Narcisse writes about things he never knew about comics until he started writing comics. (io9)
- On the Isle of Dogs criticism and how orientalism is alive and well in American cinema. (BuzzFeed)

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