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Objects in Space 5/21/18: Maximum effort

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May 21, 2018, 9:01 PM EDT

On a Monday, can you picture anything better than sitting down to partake in a good meal alongside some good reads? I didn't think so.

Perhaps that or getting out to see any number of terrific movies as they premiere. SoloDeadpool 2. There are options!

- European women are directing some of the best and most exciting genre cinema around at the moment. (JumpCut)
- The writers of Deadpool 2 had never heard of fridging, and yet. (Pajiba)
- On Westworld’s James Marsden and why he is actually one of the best actors of his generation. (Vulture)
- Margot Kidder, Woman of Steel: Her Lois Lane was a hero, too. (Salon)

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