Objects in Space 5/3: W. Kamau Bell, the ubiquitous Dan Stevens and Maisie Williams gets a serenade

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May 3, 2017

I went out to pick a few links and here's what I brought you.

- W. Kamau Bell thinks Wonder Woman is awesome and also makes the case on why we need more black superheroes. (Wired)

- Dan Stevens is in everything. Literally. Everything. (Pajiba)

- Artist Matt Ferguson has created a gorgeous Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 poster inspired by The Empire Strikes Back. (Slashfilm)

- If you've been DYING to know who Ed Sheeran is playing on Game of Thrones, he's gone and spilled the beans. (Anglophenia)

- Did you watch Mad Max: Fury Road and think "I want more Doof Warrior!"? George Miller did and we may get more. (BMD)

- I love this Captain Marvel cosplay. Especially the hair. (Fashionably Geek)


How much more Doof Warrior, d'you think?

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