Objects in Space 5/30: Wonder Woman, Vixen and Dark Phoenix

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Feb 4, 2019, 3:00 PM EST (Updated)

Show of hands, who's not mentally back from the holiday weekend?


- Be careful of spoilers, but this take on why Wonder Woman is the sex-positive hero we need rocks. (Bustle)

- Lucifer is a better show than you'd expect. (io9)

- As you may have heard, there's a bunch of "men" who are up in arms about the "women only" Wonder Woman screenings. One of them invoked Star Wars as a "men only" screening option, and Lucasfilm's Jen Heddle clapped back in spectacular fashion. (Uproxx)

- Vixen is one of the most important animated shows of the year. (BGN)

- Let's talk about Orlando Bloom. (Pajiba)

- Is the Dark Phoenix movie a case of nepotism over character? (WWOC)


Is it Friday yet?

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