Objects in Space 5/8: Hayley Atwell, WTF Wonder Woman marketing and can you hex a Nazi?

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May 1, 2020, 12:50 PM EDT (Updated)

Oh hey, it's Monday. That means I have links for you. Yay!


- First up, some lovely telescope porn, because who doesn't enjoy pretty pictures of scientific things? (Wired)

- Mapping the use of disability in science fiction and fantasy shows some tropes never change. How can we do better? (Bitch)

- As excited or interested as we may be for Marvel's Inhumans, we have serious questions about what's up with Medusa's hair ... and we're not the only ones. (io9)

- When Richard Spencer took a fist to the face a while back, the debate over whether or not it was "okay to punch a Nazi" became an actual question people had to ponder. By the same token, here's a related question: is it OK to hex one? (Broadly)

- After a slow start, the marketing for Wonder Woman has definitely ramped up and we love most of what we've seen out there. But who the heck thought using Wonder Woman to advertise for thinkThin bars was a good idea? (io9)

- I'm adding this simply because it's Hayley Atwell (swoon) and (Fangrrls favorite) Matthew Macfayden in a new picture from Starz's upcoming Howard's End. (Anglophenia)


Hey look, we wasted some time together and your Monday is further along that it was. Progress!

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