Objects in Space 6/25/18: You could use a good kiss

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Jun 25, 2018, 9:03 PM EDT

I'm still in recovery mode from last night's Westworld finale, so my thoughts may be a little scattered. SO. MUCH. HAPPENED. As always, I remain in awe of Tara and her excellent recaps, without which I would be thoroughly lost each week.

While you're coming down from that episode, enjoy the post-show hangover linkage:

- Why the women of Luke Cage are the real heroes of Season 2. (FANDOM)
- On thriller writer Megan Abbott’s bloodthirsty murderesses. (Vulture)
- No, you don’t have to watch every show on TV. (29 Secrets)
- The best Han/Leia moments in Star Wars. (#1 is indisputably correct.) (Nerdist)

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