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Objects in Space 6/29/18: Choose your words

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Jun 29, 2018, 9:00 PM EDT

It probably goes without saying that this week has been particularly rough. With everything that's been going on in the news outside the geekosphere, it can be difficult to find escape in ways that help, or that are strong enough to keep you distracted for too long.

But it's my hope that something even as small and insignificant as this here Objects in Space will provide something in the vein of helping:

- Why Ghost is the perfect villain for Ant-Man and the Wasp. (FANDOM)
- 5 dirty and delightful fairy-tale romance recs! (Frolic)
- Thor: Ragnarok’s Tessa Thompson is breaking the mold. (Net-A-Porter)
- GLOW’s Season 2 costumes are even more outrageous. (Observer)

You can send us suggestions for stuff to include in future round-ups at any time, either in the comments below or via our Twitter feed at @Syfyfangrrls.

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