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Helena Bonham CarterYou can’t get much more quirky and strange than Helena Bonham Carter, who has built her entire career out of playing extremely strange, often twitchy characters. We could see her portraying a more eclectic Doctor who hides power and intelligence behind more out-there affectations. It’s also not far-fetched to think the Harry Potter alum would spend time in the small screen world since she’s already made a few forays into TV, most notably by playing movie legend Elizabeth Taylor in the BBC's Burton and Taylor.

Objects in Space 6/9/18: Do not run a job in a job

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Jun 10, 2018, 12:02 PM EDT (Updated)

Happy Saturday, friends and friendlies! I may be feeling particularly chipper on account of the coffee that's currently coursing through my system, but it's nice to take a minute and just relax. I'm about 90% sure that'll happen this week via movies (right now, I'm considering an Ocean's 8/Hotel Artemis double feature). Or watching the Sense8 finale again.

What are you planning on absorbing this weekend?

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