Objects in Space 7/11: Enjoy your Slurpee

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Jul 11, 2017

Happy Tuesday, cats and kittens.

It might be summertime, but there’s plenty to do and watch (and read). Between new Twin Peaks and Game of Thrones coming back this weekend -- not to mention the fun triple threat of shows featuring strong female characters like Killjoys, Dark Matter and Wynonna Earp -- well, we’re all just spoiled for choice, aren’t we?

That’s kind of how we’re hoping these link round-ups work too. We want to leave you with some links you may not have clicked otherwise.

Remember: You can always send us suggestions for things to include in the comments below or leave them for us in 140 characters or less via our Twitter feed at @Syfyfangrrls.

- Here are 9 female-led horror films you should be watching this summer. And they're all on Netflix! (HelloGiggles)

- Casting disabled actors in disabled roles creates a powerful authenticity, and it's something that should be happening more often. (Crooked Scoreboard)

- Wonder Woman's had plenty of success in her own movie, but is she still getting short shrift in her comics? (Birth Movies Death)

- It's true that Wynonna Earp and Killjoys have some great fictional ladies, but the men are also worthy of being held up as terrific characters. (The TV Junkies)

It's 7/11. Go treat yourself to a Slurpee and enjoy the day!

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