Objects in Space 7/28: Happy KJDMWE Day!

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Jul 28, 2017

Happy Friday! In case you didn’t know, it’s also Happy Killjoys/Dark Matter/Wynonna Earp Day. (Aren’t Fridays on SYFY super awesome? Not that I’m biased or anything.) Fortunately, I’m not alone in my love for these shows -- even if I do happen to be woefully behind on 2 out of 3.

But in the meantime, I’m going to spend today’s round-up spreading the KJDMWE awareness wherever I can, because luckily I’m not the only one tuning in. Anyway, you might notice a subtle in our links:

- Thanks to shows that are exactly Killjoys, Dark Matter, and Wynonna Earp, the revolution of leading ladies on-screen is already being televised. (Paste)
- We know you’re not sick of SDCC content yet, so check out this Wynonna Earp interview with lead Melanie Scrofano and showrunner Emily Andras. (BuddyTV)
- Ever wondered who’s working behind the scenes to help bring some of your favorite musical moments on Killjoys and Wynonna Earp to life? Andrea Higgins is the reason I have both show soundtracks in frequent play rotation on Spotify. (The TV Junkies)
- And we’re all about telling more people to watch Killjoys -- The Verge gives you a strong list of reasons why you should.

Enjoy tuning in tonight!

ICYMI, you can always send us stuff to include in future round-ups, either in the comments below or via our Twitter feed at @Syfyfangrrls.

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