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And although she's more than capable of handily vanquishing her foes, it's much more satisfying to have the whole team back together to do it with her. Yeehaw!

Objects in Space 7/31/18: One step forward, two steps back

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Jul 31, 2018, 9:00 PM EDT

There are some advantages to having screener access for the purpose of livetweeting episodes, but then you also run the risk of being all in your feels for the better part of a week. Looking at you, Wynonna Earp and Killjoys.

Anyway, Friday's episodes are really great and you should tune in unless you were planning on that already (in which case, go you but also: be prepared).

- Hulu’s Castle Rock gets what makes Stephen King so scary. (Vox)
- This series of cosplaying kid interviews at San Diego Comic-Con warmed my cold, cold heart. (Shondaland)
- What does the recent Mary Shelley biopic with Elle Fanning have to tell us about contemporary women's horror filmmaking and women horror fans in 2018? (Overland)
- Fan favorite show Wynonna Earp killed off a major character this past week and it got us thinking about the larger conversation about representation that we still need to have. (The Mary Sue)

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