Objects in Space 8/14: Just keep rowing

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Aug 14, 2017

It's Monday! While most of you are back to the work hustle, I'm going to be bringing Objects in Space to you from the comforts of vacation. Never let anyone say I don't care about passing on some great content.

Did you take part in last night's Twin Peaks/Game of Thrones double feature? (Props to GOT for going there with that super meta Gendry joke, although poor boy is already back to rowing.)

- Ingrid Goes West, starring Aubrey Plaza and Elisabeth Olsen, might be one of the realest horror movies of the year. (LA Times)

- Seven films directed by women were released this summer, and combined they might just break the box office. (Indiewire)

- There are only a few episodes of Twin Peaks left, and last night's hour managed to give us more character convergence than we've had all season. (Birth.Movies.Death)

- Meanwhile, on last night's Game of Thrones, I think we can all agree that Ser Davos Seaworth was the episode's MVP. (Nerdist)

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