Objects in Space 8/19/18: Onscreen reflections

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Aug 19, 2018

You know it's a good weekend for movies when you're almost spoiled for choice over what to go and see. Confession: I only just got around to watching Incredibles 2 yesterday, and I thiiiink I like it even more than the first one? Jack-Jack remains the best of everyone.

Any movie plans today? If so, you can read these links before, but not during, the film:

- Talking to five horror film composers about sound designing your fear. (Vulture)
- Killjoys showrunner Adam Barken talks the ins and outs of “Greening Pains.” (The TV Junkies)
- FANGRRL contributor Kayleigh Donaldson on how Disney not rehiring James Gunn is a mistake for Marvel. (ScreenRant)
- Author Jenny Han on seeing Asian-American teen idols onscreen, finally. (The New York Times)

You can send us suggestions for stuff to include in future round-ups at any time, either in the comments below or via our Twitter feed at @Syfyfangrrls.

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