Objects in Space 8/26/18: Hit the snooze button

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Aug 26, 2018

I encourage doing what the title of today's Objects in Space tells you to, if only because I did it myself just today and it was wonderful. 10/10, would recommend, would encourage all of you to do this even if it's once per weekend.

You know what else I'd encourage you to do? Read these links!

- Why fake dating is a great romantic trope. (Vox)
- Netflix didn't save the romantic comedy; 5 TV shows did, and most were created by women. (Business Insider)
- Are suspense and romance really so different? (CrimeReads)
- Both Wynonna Earp and Killjoys are using the love parents feel for a child, and sacrifices they're willing to make, as a way to redeem characters and atone for past sins. (The TV Junkies)

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