Objects in Space 8/30: Carry on, my wayward son

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Aug 30, 2017

Wednesday can be an obstacle, especially ahead of a holiday weekend like the one we have coming up. You can almost taste those three days of off-time, right?

Don't forget about all the ways you can donate to help with Hurricane Harvey relief, including the fundraiser created by the stars of Supernatural themselves. Those guys are all right.

- Between the new seasons of Outlander and Stranger Things, fall television appears primed to give us some impressive vintage looks. (Observer)

- The Handmaid's Tale is undoubtedly going to take home some Emmys this year, but how far will its cinematography and costume design take it in awards season? (Bitch Flicks)

- If you're a Game of Thrones fan dating all the way back to the books, you'll appreciate this "R + L = J" fandom primer. (Vox)

- Remember that time MTV made a horror movie? That's okay, neither did we. (Pajiba)

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