Objects in Space 8/7: But first, Monday

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Aug 7, 2017

Happy Monday! Have a picture of a hippo. (If you’re not already following baby Fiona’s escapades at the Cincinnati Zoo, you should be.)

Here are some links we rounded up from the weekend and beyond:

- This list of some of the top action heroines of our time is a fascinating look into how female characters have changed and evolved over the years. (Vulture)

- If you’re still scratching your head over that heck of a Killjoys twist, check out this interview with cast member Mayko Nguyen on what’s next for Delle Seyah. (The TV Junkies)

- A certain musical callback on this week’s Twin Peaks was either its most ridiculous or most moving; your mileage may vary. (The Wrap)

- If you miss The Toast (RIP), you can still enjoy Nicole Cliffe’s writings in the form of her Game of Thrones recaps. (Elle)

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