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Objects in Space 9/10/18: The truth is still out there

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Sep 10, 2018, 9:00 PM EDT

Come on. You didn't think today's Objects in Space was going to be about anything else today, on this special day, this anniversary celebrating the first ever episode of The X-Files

25 years ago, Dana Scully walked into Fox Mulder's office at the FBI and told him she'd been assigned to work with him, and our lives were never ever the same from that moment forward.

- On its 25th anniversary, what The X-Files understood about the search for truth. (The Atlantic)
- Ranking The X-Files' 25 most important episodes. (THR)
- The X-Files pilot turns 25, less scary but still funny. (EW)
- How The X-Files forever changed genre television. (Daily Dead)

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