Objects in Space 1/17: hot links worth the clicking

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Jan 17, 2017, 7:32 PM EST (Updated)

As we navigate the endless -- and oftentimes dark -- abyss that is the interwebz, we find a lot of great writing worth the read. Here are some of our faves for today.

Also, is there a doctor in the house? I think I sprained my left thumb from playing too much LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens this weekend. 


Michael Sheen is an undercover (and severely underrated) hottie. Sarah Silverman has chosen well. - Pajiba.

Dava Sobel's new book takes the baton from Hidden Figures.  - Bitch Media.

Speaking of Hidden Figures, it continues to rock the box office. That's an all female, non-white cast in a story about women in science in 1st place. So why exactly are women still so under-represented in film? - Forbes.

Olivia Pope and Buffy may be soulmates. 100% would watch a buddy-cop-esque show with these two.-  Black Girl Nerds. 

Star Trek:The New Generation is way more progressive than you probably realized. - Birth, Movies, Death

A cohesive breakdown of how and why so much about Passengers was so wrong. - Bibliodaze

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