Objects in Space 5/15: Bryan Fuller wants accurate gay sex and Jughead finally did it

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May 16, 2017, 6:12 PM EDT (Updated)

It's a new week. Look at what I have for you.


When Bryan Fuller puts a gay sex scene in American Gods, by Gods, it's going to be ACCURATE! (Vulture)

The will they/won't they tension was almost maddening on Riverdale regarding when Jughead was finally going to get his mouth around a nice, juicy burger. He did and, oh baby, did the Internet explode. (io9)

Rumors, hopes and snippets are all we have for Star Wars: The Last Jedi right now, but the idea of a face-off between Leia and a certain baddie is definitely intriguing. (Wired)

We're certainly looking forward to ABC's Still Star-Crossed. Here are five things everyone will be talking about. (BGN)

We have a lot of love for Belle here at Fangrrls, so we definitely suggest you read this piece on why she's so important. (Bibliodaze)

While it's not our usual fare, Danica Patrick's Wonder Woman car took a major hit at the Kansas Speedway on Saturday, but the Amazon warrior kept her passenger safe. I also love Patrick's Wonder Woman racing jacket. (io9)


Drive safe out there!

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