Objects in Space 5/16: Aliens, sex and pride

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May 16, 2017

Some days, the themes just come together unexpectedly. Hot, sexy, chest-bursting action is only the tip of this proverbial iceberg.


- Let's discuss the danger of empathy in the Alien franchise. It's a killer. (BMD)

- Of course, once that chestburster does its thing, you have to admit, it's pretty sexual in nature. But this is one heck of a reaction. (Vulture)

- Speaking of sex, we need to praise American Gods for making TV sex great again. (Pajiba)

- We're also loving these Pride variant covers by Skybound. (BGN)

- Have you noticed how many video game moms are truly dysfunctional? (Broadly)


I'll never connect the words "hot," "sweaty" and "alien" the same way again.

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