Objects in Space 5/4: Dismantling the Forcetriarchy

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May 4, 2017

Happy May The 4th, you wonderful Star Wars nerds. I got you links.

- If you celebrate Star Wars Day, here are a few extra ideas for shenanigans. (Bustle)

- New Blade Runner 2049 posters have been revealed. Harrison looks like he just rolled out of bed. (Slashfilm)

- Marvel has released an official statement regarding the Captain America Secret Empire Cap's a Nazi Hydra debacle (Uproxx)

- Johnny Depp apparently gets his lines fed to him through an earpiece. Maybe it's all the rum? (Dlisted)

- Here's a theory: The concerns about Wonder Woman marketing may help it become a blockbuster underdog. (Pajiba)

- Luke thinks it's time for the Jedi to end. The incomparable Charlie Jane Anders has some brilliant suggestions and we love number one: Dismantle the Forcetriarchy. (Wired)

- And, finally, thanks to Lucasfilm and Fangrrls internet husband Lin-Manuel Miranda, you can listen to Jabba Flow from The Force Awakens in its entirely. (Star Wars)

Yub nub, bitches. Party hard.