Objects in Space 5/5: Handmaids, Ego and Johnny Depp's earpiece

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May 5, 2017, 5:00 PM EDT

It's Friday. It's beer o'clock somewhere. Have some links to go with your drink of choice.


- Alicia Lutes thinks The Handmaid’s Tale’s Gilead is basically what happens when concern trolls (religious ones) take over the government. (Nerdist)

- If you want to know more about Guardians of the Galaxy's Ego, here's some intel before you see the movie. (Wired)

- Mark Hamill has a really good alternate ending for The Force Awakens. (Uproxx)

- To Brando or not to Brando. Johnny Depp's not the only one to have his lines fed to him, but does that mean it's okay? (Pajiba)

- Are you watching Sense8? Here are ten reasons why it might become your new favorite sci-fi series. (Anglophenia)

- To bookend the first link, here's Hillary Clinton on how The Handmaid's Tale could become our reality. (Bustle)


That does it for this week, campers. We'll see you on Monday. Try not to get arrested.

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