Objects in Space 5/19: Chris Evans, Vangelis and queer representation

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The end of the week has come and I have goodies for you.


- Whether you've heard of "Film Twitter" or not, one thing's for sure: It could use more female voices. (Pajiba)

- Chris Evans may not be perfect, but he sure does try to be and there are days he's very much like Captain America. (Bustle)

- As the return of Twin Peaks nears, there may be things you've forgotten. Refresh your memory. (Slashfilm)

- The music of Blade Runner has a deep and very real impact on the film. Maybe even more of an impact that you realize. (Boing Boing)

- Where's the queer representation in science fiction and fantasy? (BGN)


Don't cause too much trouble out there, and I'll see you Monday!

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