Objects in Space 6/12: Michonne, Patty, Diana, inclusivity and American Gods

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Jun 12, 2017

It's a new week and we have new links.


- Star Wars has made strides in the LGBTQ+ arena, but they whiffed it with Baze and Chirrut when it comes to book canon, sadly. (Book Riot)

- On the importance of The Walking Dead's Michonne. (BGN)

- On Bryan Fuller and the refreshing queer sensibility of American Gods. (The Atlantic)

- Wonder Woman is having a profound effect on little kids. It's kind of awesome. (BMD)

- Patty Jenkins did a Reddit AMA. I think you'll enjoy it. (Pajiba)

- Women of color are using VR for a more inclusive experience. (Broadly)


If you pollute, you don't get to live on Themiscyra. The END!

P.S. Both Gareth Edwards and Donnie Yen think it's very possible in their headcanon.

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