Objects in Space 6/13: Black Panther inspiration, Brendan Fraser and missions to Mars

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Jun 13, 2017, 5:30 PM EDT

It's a thinky day, so here are some thoughts to chew on.


- There's been a lot of discussion on how Wonder Woman impacts girls, but here's a good rundown on why little boys need Wonder Woman, too. (Huffington Post)

- Black Panther costume designer Ruth Carter on inspiration, activism and Black Lives Matter. (Elle)

- Orphan Black has pushed TV forward in multiple ways. Here are eight of them. (Anglophenia)

- Resident Fangrrl Swapna Krishna explains why sending another unmanned lander to Mars means we're closer than ever to sending astronauts. (Paste)

- Wonder Woman and the critical generation gap. (A.V. Club)

- Brendan Fraser has been the topic of discussion in the Fangrrls Slack for a couple of days, so I found this take on his current career interesting. I hope we'll see a Fraserenaissance. (Pajiba)


We need more Fraser, right?

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