Objects in Space 6/7: Mission Muslim Preorder, hero moments and female directors

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Jun 7, 2017

Like the insurance company Camel says, it's "Hump Day!"


- Mission Muslim Preorder is helping to highlight Muslim stories and writers with fantastic results (Amy Poehler's Smart Girls)

- A great breakdown of how and why Wonder Woman's "Hero moments" impact women so profoundly. (Wired)

- Mass Effect: Andromeda and seeing yourself in another galaxy. (Women Write About Comics)

- That Wonder Woman review by David Edelstein has caused a kerfuffle and phrases like "War crime" in defense of him have been tossed around. So here are a few thoughts on that. (Pajiba)

- Six women directors and comic book properties they should adapt. (Geeks of Color)


I love this frickin' camel. Don't @ me.

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