Objects in Space 6/9: Multiple mummies and American Gods

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Jun 9, 2017, 5:50 PM EDT (Updated)

It's Friday. That means new movies. What are you planning to see?


- The reviews are in, and the general consensus is that The Mummy is terribad. But there's someone who thinks it's terriawesome. (Vice)

- Speaking of The Mummy, Kendra James has more than a few words on the sexless appeal of Tom Cruise. (Cosmopolitan)

- Lest you worry that American Gods might run out of book to be based on, Neil Gaiman has tons of unpublished ideas to share. (Inverse)

- Are you watching Dark Matter? Would you like to let someone convince you why you should be? (The Verge)

- Wonder Woman has broken a lot of barriers, but it still needs work when it comes to intersectionality. (Harper's Bazaar)


You're seeing Wonder Woman again, aren't you?

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