Oblivion director's live-action trailer for Destiny is the best sci-fi short you'll see today

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Sep 5, 2014, 1:09 PM EDT (Updated)

Developed by Bungie and Activision, Destiny is essentially a massive, “mythic science-fiction” open-world first-person shooter MMO in which characters can explore, go on missions and basically be awesome. Everything we've seen up to this point have been pretty stunning (lackadaisacal Peter Dinklage voice-over aside), and if the game is half as cool as this trailer, we’re sold.

Helmed by Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski, the live-action trailer does a good job of setting up the tone, humor, scope and gameplay elements. It looks like a ton of fun, and the effects and choreography are top-notch. It almost has a Guardians of the Galaxy vibe. Seriously, we want to see the rest of this movie.

If Destiny’s a hit, as it's expected to be, here’s hoping a studio will step in and snag the film rights. After seeing this 2+ minute spec clip, we’d love to see what Kosinski could do with this franchise.

Destiny is set to hit shelves on Sept. 9 for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. 

(Via /Film)