Occupy Avengers writer on what to expect from Marvel Comics' politically-charged new series

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Aug 15, 2016

Marvel Comics is getting ready to relaunch a whole lot of its lineup in the wake of Civil War II, and now we have some fresh intel on what to expect from the unique Occupy Avengers run set to ramp up this fall.

Comic Book Resources caught up with writer David F. Walker to talk about the new series and how it will take its cues while spinning out of the events of Civil War II. Minor spoiler alert, if you’re behind on the ongoing event: After a prediction that Hulk will destroy a city, Clint Barton fires an arrow through Bruce Banner — and it seems Occupy Avengers will be his efforts to atone for that decision, and figure out who he is in the wake of the event.

Walker teases that the series will find Barton traveling the country to right wrongs, seemingly focusing on more street-level concerns, as opposed to bombastic universe-shattering events. He’ll also be joined by Red Wolf, as well as some other heroes, along the way.

Here’s an excerpt from his comments:

“This is a post-Civil War II book. Most people at this point know what Clint Barton did in that event, in terms of the fate of Bruce Banner and the Hulk. This book takes place after all of that, and Clint is in this sort of weird existential malaise. Within the hero community, he's seen as someone who's betrayed the cause, and with everyday people, he's like the ultimate hero. He's David who slew Goliath.

He's not only trying to atone for what he's done and make sense of it, he's also out there trying to make sense of where he fits in. In the process he keeps running into everyday people who have real-life problems -- the sort of problems that the Avengers don't normally get involved with. He begins to form a team that's tackling what we'd call, for lack of a better term, everyday issues.

I use that term hesitantly because sometimes everyday issues are critical life-and-death issues. You live in Michigan, and I was just reading about the court decision in the Flint water fiasco. That should not be an everyday issue. Those are the sorts of things that Hawkeye -- or Clint Barton, I should say, because he's really more Clint than Hawkeye at this point -- finds himself getting caught up in. He's representing and protecting the underdog. Or, for lack of a better term, that 99 percentile that is sort of synonymous with the Occupy movement; the people who are often trod upon, can't protect themselves, and don't feel like they're being protected because of things like corporate interests or political corruption.”

Occupy Avengers is slated to hit comic shelves this fall.

(Via Comic Book Resources)

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