October 1 in Sci-Fi History: 25 Years of Cartoon Network

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:40 AM EDT (Updated)

TV audiences don’t get nearly as excited about the history of television networks. Not nearly as much as they go nuts when they change names, anyway. But team, on this day in sci-fi history, and particularly in 1992, the Cartoon Network went live for the first time.

Owned by Turner Broadcasting, the network was found by Betty Cohen and began by running animated shows for children and classic cartoons. Over time, the network began creating cartoon originals and gave us such gold as:

Dexter's Laboratory (1995)

Johnny Bravo (1995)

Powerpuff Girls (1995)

In 1997, the network started running Toonami, a programming block that featured some pretty rocking anime, including Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z.  In 2001, the network launched Adult Swim, which also operates on Comedy Central. THAT gave way to some very excellent shorts, including:

Space Ghost Coast to Coast (2004)

Space Ghost also specifically gave us this video, which you should absolutely send to friends on their birthday.

And ultimately, that all got us to Robot Chicken.

Meanwhile, Cartoon Network continued to pump out amazing stuff, including Regular Show (2010):

And the very excellent Adventure Time (2010).

Adult Swim has also really embraced Rick and Morty (2013). Which is arguably the best cartoon ever.

Look, there’s a lot more. And a full list of all the stuff to come out of the network would be hard to make complete. We invite you to tell us what we missed below. And then help us celebrate some pretty serious science fiction birthdays, including:

Richard Harris, born in Limerick, Ireland, in 1930

Dame Julie Andrews, born in Surrey, England, in 1935

And Randy Quaid, born in Houston in 1950.

Tomorrow:  The Twilight Zone and Andromeda