October 10 in Sci-Fi History: Barbarella

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Oct 10, 2017, 8:30 AM EDT

Just … let's start with the opening credits. Because they're insane and wonderful.


On this day in 1968, Barbarella premiered with this groovy song and opening credit sequence. Based on a French comic by Jean-Claude Forest and starring Jane Fonda, the movie is the story of an agent sent by the Earth president to rescue someone named Doctor Durand Durand.

We're not saying it's a great movie. We are saying it's super weird.


Barbarella is unhinged and meant-to-be-sexy-in-a-way-that's-not-really-working-but-sort-of-is? Witness the Excessive Pleasure Machine.


Yes. She breaks it. She can withstand a lot of pleasure, see. Oh, the late '60s, you were … disturbing about ladies.

The movie did, however, have some badass creepy-dolls and those are always worth a watch.


Tomorrow: It's Deb-ra!