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October 11 in Sci-Fi History: Joan Cusack

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Oct 11, 2017

Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln, today is the birthday of one of your favorite actresses! Yes! Joan Cusack was born in Evanston, Illinois, on this day in sci-fi history. She had some incredible roles, science-fiction-wise.

Starting with Debbie Jalinski in Addams Family Values (1993):


There was the very weird and much-too-sad Toys (1992), as well.


Lately, she's best known to your children as the voice of Jessie from the Toy Story trilogy.


Also born today in 1913, the co-creator of Captain America, Joe Simon.


Born in Rochester, New York, Simon started out like a lot of great comic creators of his day: in editorial cartoons. In Simon's case, his first gig was at the Syracuse Herald. He developed a friendship and working partnership with Jack Kirby, and the two created Captain America, parted ways, and teamed up again in the '60s. Simon died in 2011.

Tomorrow: Peeta and Wolverine.

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