October 31 in Sci-Fi History: Halloween Birthdays

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:02 AM EDT (Updated)

It's Halloween! And here are some Halloween birthdays.

Peter Jackson was born on this day in 1961. He's a big deal sci-fi and fantasy-wise, but gang – have you seen Meet the Feebles (1989)? It's deeply unsettling.

Our dearly departed John Candy was born on this day in 1950. He was Barf in Spaceballs (1987). Barf was a Mog: half-man, half-dog. 

Piper Perabo was born on this day in 1976. She was in Looper (2012). She also had a hard time of it in The Prestige (2006).

Willow Smith was born on this day in 2000. She is a voice actress on the deeply great Neo Yokio. And also, look ...

Also, today is the birthday of voiceover A-lister Nolan North, born on this day in 1970. He's done a lot of your favorite voices.

Happy Halloween, team.

Tomorrow: November.