Odds and ends again!

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Jun 21, 2007

1) The Shuttle was supposed to land today, but bad weather in Florida has postponed it. The next chance is Friday at 2:18 Eastern time.

2) At 11:06 Mountain time (18:06 UT) the center of the Sun's disk was at

the intersection on the sky of the celestial equator and the ecliptic. the northernmost apex of its annual path along the ecliptic. In other words, it was the summer solstice! Some people call this the first day of summer, but I don't. Update: AAAARRRRGGGG! That's what I get for writing quickly with no coffee in me. I originally described the equinox, not the solstice. Criminy. Happily, commenter Joe pointed this out.

3) I sat in the Colorado DMV for two hours today waiting to get my license. The people were very pleasant, but I am only now getting my morning coffee at 12:30, so I'm tired. If there are any more odds or any more ends, they'll have to wait.

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