Odds and Ends part n

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Jun 11, 2008

So lots of stuff from around the web:

1) GLAST launched! Yay!

2) Phoenix's oven is ready to bake!

3) My good friend and great skeptic Richard Saunders is on an Australian TV show which is bound to be a big hit. Also, congrats to Karen Stollznow for becoming chief at The Skeptic, the magazine of The Australian Skeptics.

4) Objects like Pluto will now be called plutoids. I'm wondering how much more ridiculous this situation can get. Astroprof has more.

5) My friend (skepchick) Iszi has a podcast with Simon Dunn where they discuss the Sunday inserts in newspapers (it's OK, they're comedians). In their second episode, they talk skepticism and Iszi says I am very huggable (this happens about 16:50 into the 'cast). I feel that this hasn't been confirmed to a certain enough degree, and am volunteering to do more research with her as necessary. If you like their podcast, they have a Facebook group for it.

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