Oh, the humanity

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Jul 31, 2006

I juat learned that Richard Hoagland will be talking about the Apollo 11 tapes -- meaning the "UFO" --on the radio show Coast to Coast AM. That's bad enough, of course, but -- uchhhh, I can hardly type this-- Buzz Aldrin will join the program at 11:00 (Pacific).

Criminy. Did they tell him who Hoagland is? Maybe not. Given Hoagland's history, and the fact that he attends UFO conferences where I've heard he charges $20-40 a head to lecture for hours about his, um, wacky ideas on Mars, I suspect he'll play up the UFO angle. He has to defend that the astronauts went to the Moon, since he claims there are alien cities there, but a UFO following them won't hurt that silly theory, and may even enhance it in his mind.

Yecccch. I'll listen in for as long as I can stand it.

Tip o' the space helmet to Jim Oberg for telling me about this.

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