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Oh, no! Disney pulls plug on Blade Runner-ish Star Wars 1313 game

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Apr 4, 2013, 10:55 AM EDT (Updated)

Been looking forward to that really cool Blade Runner-ish Star Wars game that’s been in development for a while now? Well, we have some bad news.

As has been rumored for a while now, Disney has officially pulled the plug on LucasArts. The long-running game developer has been responsible for many recent Star Wars games, as well as some fun '80s and '90s classics (The Secret of Monkey Island!).

The company will now transition from an active developer to a “licensing model,” which will essentially farm out development of Star Wars games to other companies. Though it’s sad to see the studio close, the real impact for gamers today is that it further jeopardizes the fate of Star Wars 1313, an epic new adventure game that looked to be one of the coolest Star Wars games we’ve seen in ages.

Disney is cagey on exactly what the closure will mean for the project, but a Mouse House representative told Game Informer that 1313 could live on if they’re able to find a new publisher willing to take a chance on it:

“It is worth noting that we are looking for proven external partners who can help us provide video games to our fans. We still believe in the video game industry, we still will provide Star Wars games, we’re just looking at different models rather than internal production… They’re evaluating everything. There’s always a possibility that it [Star Wars 1313] can still come out via licensing.”

The game has been in development for a while now (heck, it’s been eight months since we saw the first trailer), so the longer it languishes the longer the odds it will ever see the light of day.

Prognosis: Not good, but not dead yet.

(Via /Film)