Oh no! The end is (kinda, sorta) near for Sookie Stackhouse

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

If you like the books from A Southern Vampire Mystery -- which HBO turned into the fang-banging show True Blood -- then make sure you enjoy the next four, because they may be the last ones Charlaine Harris writes. Harris was out and about promoting her short-story compilation A Touch of Dead, featuring stories about Southern Vampire Mystery heroine Sookie Stackhouse, when she revealed that the end is sorta kinda nearish. "I've signed a contract to write three more after the one that's coming out in May, and they may be the last three," Harris told CNN. "Probably by then I will have lived with Sookie long enough."

Harris said she doesn't want to keep the books going if Sookie's stories start feeling played out. "I hope I have enough sense to walk away before that happens."

The series stands at eight novels now and will finish with 12 if Harris really does give Sookie a rest when she finishes out her contract. That's a pretty good run for any series, although there will probably never be enough for Sookie fans.